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Dreamtime Memory Foam Pillow


Sink into dreamland with this luxurious Dreamtime Memory Foam Pillow which offers improved support for your spine and back, helping to reduce aches and pains. The specially designed material moulds around your head, neck and shoulders to support your sleeping position and provide optimum levels of comfort throughout the night. This pillow is a bedtime necessity if you find yourself tossing and turning in the night, struggling to get comfortable, and is the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful sleep.

  • This Dreamtime pillow with memory responsive foam reacts to support your sleeping position so you can enjoy a calm and restful sleep.
  • Perfect for front sleepers, this pillow is full of fluffy fibres encased in a layer of 900g memory foam crumb.
  • Conveniently measuring at 73 x 48cm, this standard sized pillow will fit most pillowcases so you can use it with your existing bedding.
  • Soft, light and luxurious, with a double jacquard quilted cover, experience the best possible comfort with each and every sleep.
  • The pillow is made from a 0.8cm memory foam shell with a hollow fibre filling, for super soft comfort, night after night.